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Interview with the first crowned Miss Plus America, Chenese Lewis – How do you define plus size beauty?

Glamours Daily Magazine has had an exclusive interview with the much inspiring, much loved first American plus size queen to know about the secrets of her success in the American entertainment industry over the past 20 years.

Chenese Lewis had made history by being the first crowned Miss Plus America in 2003.

As an in-demand host for major fashion and beauty events, has hosted large-scale fashion events during New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and abroad.

“I am frequently booked for lectures at national workshops, seminars, and universities across the United States.”

On her podcast, The Chenese Lewis Show, the #1 podcast for plus size women, she said, she has in-depth interviews with a wide range of industry experts, including plus size influencers and brands.

“Over the years, I’ve been featured on countless media outlets such as Dr. Phil, The Insider, E! News, EXTRA, and USA Today, “she told Glamours Daily.

Chenese Lewis

 As many other famous entertainers and hosts, a lot of events of Chenese have been canceled this year due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

“However I’m currently doing on-line events. I am also creating new episodes of my podcast and diligently working from the home office preparing for 2021.

” I have been quarantined, getting lots of rest, and spending time with family,” she said.

Q: We heard you have been in the entertainment line for 20 years. How has it been like?

Yes! I am celebrating 20 years in entertainment, specifically in the plus size market.  It feels great to celebrate this milestone because the odds were against me. I am proud of all the things I’ve accomplished over the years, but there is still much more to do. My goal has always been to inspire someone to be confident and have a positive body image regardless of their size.

Q: Tell us how did you start first your journey into entertainment? Was it after winning miss plus size or before?

I tried to get into entertainment before entering the beauty pageant. The city I grew up in was more industrial and did not have many opportunities at the time. I entered the Miss Plus America Pageant for exposure. The pageant system was new, so it didn’t have the name recognition to give me major opportunities or press, but I was able to use my title in my personal branding to stand out from the crowd.  After I won the title of Miss Plus America in 2003, I decided to move to Los Angeles where more opportunities were, and that is where my professional journey started.

Q: How do you define plus-size beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you feel beautiful, that is all that matters. I define plus size beauty simply as someone who is full figured and is confident about their body and embraces their curves.

Q: Any challenges because of the look?

Yes, mainstream media has only celebrated one form of beauty for so long, which was not plus size. As a result, my opportunities were always limited in modeling and acting. Many projects do not seek or include people that look like me. However, the idea of beauty is shifting today, and society is starting to embrace more diversity.

Q: Any opportunities because of the look?

Sometimes there are opportunities for plus size women in television and film, but they are not always positive portrayals. In plus size modeling, hourglass shapes are favored.  Since there is a lack of opportunities for plus size in the mainstream, many have created their own platforms and events. The plus size community in the United States has many fashion shows, bloggers, designers, and pageants that focus on giving plus size women a positive spotlight.

Q: What would you advise young plus size ladies who aspire to join the beauty queens or modeling industry?

I would advise young women to do their research and educate themselves on the industry standards to know what is acceptable and what is not. Also, research to know if the project or the pageant system you are participating in is legitimate. There are many scam artists in the industry that will steal your money and not come through on their promises.  

Q: Finally, we would like to hear about your latest achievement and your future plan.

I will be celebrating my 20th anniversary in the industry all year with online events and press interviews, however, I will not be traveling again until 2021, if it is safe.  To keep up with my latest news visit www.CheneseLewis.com. You can also listen to weekly episodes of my podcast, The Chenese Lewis Show, free and on demand at www.CheneseLewisShow.com

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